British Soldier Wins £ 13.2 Million Overnight

British soldier Jon Heywood is one happy man as he has managed to win an amazing fortune of £ 13.2 Million in Mega Moolah online casino after making a bet of 25p. The fortunate young man is all of 26 years and just came back to his base after making a long tour of Afghanistan. He was so surprised that he did not share the news of his good fortune with anyone for almost three days and went to work the next day. Jon Heywood is keen on spending the money for the treatment of his father who is waiting for a heart and lung transplant at Cheshire.

Record payout for BetWay

This is the largest payout made by online betting firm BetWay and with this record amount Jon has beaten the record of the previous highest payout in Finland which was Euro 17,861,813. An avid fan of Formula 1 races, Jon won the Mega Moolah jackpot at Microgaming’s BetWay website. The life changing jackpot prize will bring a whooping amount of 17,879,645.12 euros for Jon due to the favourable exchange rate. BetWay spokesman stated that the company was very thrilled to hand the cheque over to a deserving person like Jon as his family really needs the money.

Future plans of Jon Heywood

The simple person that Jon Heywood is, he has still not decided how to invest the money and what he is likely to purchase after paying for his father’s treatment. This year was tough on Heywood family as they lost Jon’s grandfather and Jon is determined not to allow a similar situation in his family again. While receiving the cheque Jon stated that he may take his entire extended family on a Mediterranean cruise. Besides this, he is also keen on purchasing his dream car which is a yellow Bentley Continental GT.