British Soldier Wins £ 13.2 Million Overnight

Jon HeywoodBritish soldier Jon Heywood is one happy man as he has managed to win an amazing fortune of £ 13.2 Million in Mega Moolah online casino after making a bet of 25p. The fortunate young man is all of 26 years and just came back to his base after making a long tour of Afghanistan. He was so surprised that he did not share the news of his good fortune with anyone for almost three days and went to work the next day. Jon Heywood is keen on spending the money for the treatment of his father who is waiting for a heart and lung transplant at Cheshire.

Record payout for BetWay

This is the largest payout made by online betting firm BetWay and with this record amount Jon has beaten the record of the previous highest payout in Finland which was Euro 17,861,813. An avid fan of Formula 1 races, Jon won the Mega Moolah jackpot at Microgaming’s BetWay website. The life changing jackpot prize will bring a whooping amount of 17,879,645.12 euros for Jon due to the favourable exchange rate. BetWay spokesman stated that the company was very thrilled to hand the cheque over to a deserving person like Jon as his family really needs the money.

Future plans of Jon Heywood

The simple person that Jon Heywood is, he has still not decided how to invest the money and what he is likely to purchase after paying for his father’s treatment. This year was tough on Heywood family as they lost Jon’s grandfather and Jon is determined not to allow a similar situation in his family again. While receiving the cheque Jon stated that he may take his entire extended family on a Mediterranean cruise. Besides this, he is also keen on purchasing his dream car which is a yellow Bentley Continental GT.

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Billionaire Forced to Return £2 Million to Ritz Casino

Safa Abdullah Al-GeaburySwiss businessman Safa Abdullah Al-Geabury was ordered by the court to honour his debts amounting to £2 million at the Ritz Casino. He claimed to be a gambling addict and not completely in control of his mental faculties while at the casino, but failed to convince Judge Simler who ruled that he must return the money to the Ritz casino with added interest. The judgement stated that Al-Geabury was a successful international businessman of repute and it was revealed that his assets can be valued at over £1 billion pounds. An un-credible and inconsistent testimony forced the businessman to return the amount to the Ritz casino.

The situation at play

Earlier in 2009, Al-Geabury had restricted all access to the Ritz club’s casino in an attempt to control his gambling habit. On 19th February, 2014 he finished watching an Arsenal football game and went to the casino where he signed a cheque to exchange for roulette chips. The amount was returned unpaid, and when he asked for a further £5 million in credit, he was refused. Kevin Pettican, his counsel, believes that by providing Al-Geabury with the facilities to gamble even after he had quit, the Ritz Casino had violated the terms of its gaming license.

The judge’s decision

Al-Geabury’s claims centre on his claim that he was provided with treatment against gambling addiction as of 8th April, 2014. Judge Simler revealed that the evidence at hand did not corroborate the defendant’s story, as he had used the Ritz as a location to meet friend and clients. Al-Geabury is believed to be a rich man whose financial assets are enough to freely manage socializing at the Ritz. In addition, the Ritz had already removed the clause for people voluntarily excluding themselves from gambling after consulting with the Gambling Commission.

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Hefty Promotions Offered by Top Casinos in UK

Online casinos offer a number of the latest casino promotions are becoming a huge craze for the players who checkout the different casinos based on the promotions they offer. There are a number of web portals that offer a comprehensive range of details about the different casino promotions online.

casino table

  • Bling City Casino is a prominent name among the UK casinos and currently they are offering 10 free spins for their new players. This offer is not available to the U.S. players.
  • Dublinet Casino offers 15 free spins for newbies and a 100% match for deposit bonus upto €100. The free spins, once credited to your account will last for apparently 3 days.
  • Boss at Bgo Vegas is another popular casino offering 20 spins for free and the liberty to play on a no deposit basis. However, if you make a deposit, you earn 200% welcome bonus on the first deposit.
  • If you love free bonus worth £100 just at signup then Coral Casino has the right offer in store for you.
  • Virgin Games offering 200% bonus till £200 also lets you withdraw your winnings on the very same day. While Casino Cruise allows a welcome bonus of 150% match on a deposit of up to £300, adding to your fun and enjoyment are the 100 slot spins for free.
  • 888 Casino lets you start playing with just £88 and no further deposits plus £1500. Betfair Casino offers an amazing bonus upto 200%, while 21 Private Casino features unlimited bonus offers.
  • Euro Palace Casino is another popular online casino that offers the best promotions and bonuses, exclusively for their clients. The newbies get £500 free on joining the casino. They further get to enjoy extra 10 free spins while playing Avalon II, without paying any deposit.

Stay tuned for more on the exciting promotions from online casinos worldwide.

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Experience the NetEnt Touch Mobile Casino

Net Entertainment’s first mobile casino games were published in 2011 and could be played on either Android or iOS devices. However, the NetEnt application has now been extended to all kinds of mobile operating systems. The firm has placed a trademark on its mobile casino platform and christened it as NetEnt Touch, and has also made noticeable changes to improve the experience for players. Demand for interesting video slots and money based casino games on mobile phones has grown forcing developers of these applications to come up with innovative ideas. The developers decided to make their mobile experience similar in quality to desktop by improving its graphics and user interface by adapting it to latest touch screen technology.

Details about NetEnt Touch mobile casino

NetEnt Touch mobile casinoThe NetEnt Touch mobile casino platform also has useful features like availability in 22 languages and acceptability of 25 currencies along with smart user interaction. Its simplified keypad and navigational abilities make it easy to play both slot games and regular casino options. Their most popular slot games are Jack Hammer along with card games like Blackjack Touch and Roulette. A prime reason for the popularity of their games is high rate of returns between 90-95 percent to their players in slot machines and even card games.

Mobile games in NetEnt

The mobile platform has both table games and classic slot game titles that have been a part of their suite of games for several years. Their most popular blackjack titles are Roulette Touch, Blackjack Touch Single Deck and Black Jack Classic Touch. Its flagship video slots are available on all mobile platforms which are Jackpot 6000 Touch, Gonzo’s Quest, Blood Suckers, Starburst and Jack and the Beanstalk. NetEnt’s jackpot games like Mega Fortune Touch and Mega Fortune Dreams Touch are popular among people of all ages.

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Nektan Assisting Irish Media Firm to Launch Online Casino

Irish Media firm Independent News and Media has signed a formal agreement with gaming platform service provider Nektan to have casino offering for customers in Ireland that is available across multiple platforms like personal computers, smartphones and tablets. With this partnership Internet News & Media or INM will be entering money based gaming market for the first time in Ireland. The strong digital presence of INM which comprises of a network of editorial and transaction sites will be used to market the casino platform that will be available for Ireland customers. The business to business deal will give a solid footing to gambling platform firm Nektan in the Irish market, which already has a strong presence in internet gambling world.


About Independent News and Media

The INM operates most of the popular newspapers brands across Ireland and Northern Ireland and South Africa like Evening Herald, Irish Independent and Sunday World along with 100 commercial websites and more than 100 radio stations. In its partnership with Nektan it will be able to increase revenues from non – core region like news media to gaming and other services. From humble newspaper origins the firm has grown to become a diverse group with revenues of € 255 million from worldwide operations.

About Nektan

Nektan is a Gibraltar based gaming services provider with operations spread across London and Las Vegas to service its customers in Europe and North America. The firm was formed in 2011 for development and operation of mobiles games in interactive RMG and free gaming space. It delivers white label implementation to large commercial firms with dedicated online customers. Expressing his delight at the partnership with INM, the CEO of Nektan, David Gosen stated that the firm is proud to provide the readers of Ireland’s most popular newspapers with best available money based gaming experience in the nation.

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Retired Nurse Wins Her First Jackpots Bingo at 73

Jean Murdoch, a retired nurse in United Kingdom could not believe her luck when she won the first bumper bingo of her life amounting to £ 221,000. She guessed it was her day and went on to try her luck at a slot machine which gave her an additional £300 in winnings. When informed that she had won the bumper bingo, Jean Murdoch was a little puzzled as when her lucky number came on she believed that her winning were £100. When she went on to claim her claim her prize after 40 numbers she was informed that since she had a “lucky star” she had also won the national jackpot which is linked to all bingo branches around the nation.

Details of the win

Jean MurdochJean Murdoch is a delighted grandmother who is still trying to come to grips with her lucky draw is planning to splurge on a new car with her prize. She was handed the prize cheque in a grand ceremony at the Mecca bingo hall located in Ayr. After scooping her cheque she moved to a fruit slot machine that added to her joy by giving her an additional £ 300 that made her day. Along with her recent win Jean Murdoch has won new titles like “Golden Granny” and “Scotland’s luckiest gambler” which is making her friends feels proud and happy for her.

About National Bingo Game

The national bingo which was won by Jean Murdoch is a multiple game operated by Britain’s National Bingo Game Association from the time it was established in 1986. It was set up after internet technology enabled a game control to connect with bingo clubs across the nation via modem. This control center will send out a list of numbers within a particular time slot to the clubs and they will send out the winner details to control room for them to decide national and regional level winners.

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Play Keno Games at Vegas Crest Casino for Great Awards

Vegas Crest Casino has now partnered with Keno to offer new variations to enhance the thrill for Keno fans. The players can now try out fantastic new games from Keno like Candy Keno, BBQ Keno, Birthday Keno and several other interesting titles which will be offered for play from 23rd February to 1st of March. Interested players that take part in the Keno contest during this period and wager over $500 will be rewarded with $50 to try their luck at any other games at the casino. Contestants that water the full amount of $500 during the one week period of this event will receive the $50 payout on Monday 2nd March once the event is complete.

Details of the Keno event

Vegas Crest Casino

To make the contest really enticing for players, Vegas Crest will also credit $7 worth of free chips into your account for free if you make a successful registration for the contest. The best part is that new players who register for the first time with signing amount will be given an incredible offer of $/£/€ 3500 as welcome bonus. Vegas Crest is sweetening the deal for players making deposits and will give them 100% cash back bonus for amount totalling $£€ 500 through seven equated instalments. Online players across diverse locations like United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other places in Europe can take part in this Keno tournament.

Vegas Crest Casino

Powered by the combined technical strength of Vista Gaming, Rival Gaming and Saucify, the casino offers players best gaming combinations which can be paid for with international credit cards and online payment options like UKash, ecoPayz and UseMyService. The only drawback of this site is that it cannot be downloaded and players have to log in to play slot games, table games and video poker according to their convenience either with friends or with strangers in a fun environment like a real life casino. Since the website accepts most international currencies like dollars, pounds and Euros players can choose a method suitable to them.

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Romania Embarks on Exciting Gambling Reform

Romania has long had strict laws and regulations governing gambling, and in 2011, that legislation intensified in a way that nearly crippled the industry in the country. In 2015, however, reform goes into effect that will lower the tax burden and restrictions on casino operators.

Legalization of Online Gambling

online-gamblingWhen Romania legalized online gambling in 2011, they did so in a very controlling manner. Although there were many factors in play, a key aspect to the approach was to ensure that the country did not lose tax revenue. The government even went as far to make gambling with unlicensed online operators a crime punished by two years in prison. Rather than preserve tax revenue, however, the new laws cut it substantially because existing operators closed up shop, few new operators came and many casual gamblers simply stopped playing due to fear that that may be participating in an illegal activity.

The Impetus for Change

The most glaring impetus for change is the reduced tax revenues. The government that existed in 2011 would have likely traded that loss for continued control. However, that government that enacted the act crumbled and was replaced in just three months when Parliament appointed Victor Ponta as the new prime minister. Another important impetus was the European Union, which pressured Romania due to restrictive trade, which it argued was hurting both Romania and the other European businesses that would do business there.

What It Means

As 2015 unfolds, Romania will see an influx of online and brick-and-mortar casino operations. These new casinos will likely be aggressive in attracting new clientele both in and out of Romania and, thanks to tax breaks, will have the flexibility to offer attractive promotions and other opportunities. The industry will also witness an influx of Romanian gamblers who will now be able to participate without fear of imprisonment.

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UK Gambling Laws Take a Turn

As of December 1, 2014, UK-based and operational punters will be glad to learn about the new change in gambling duties being enforced. The new law will reflect a major shift in tax levied from place of supply to place of consumption.

Out with the old and in with the new

uk flag_dice card and chipsCurrent system of gambling activities has set a new precedent on gambling taxes applicable on remote operators offering games to players in the UK. Operators providing services to players based in the UK will now be held liable to pay one or more of the taxes levied by HMRC.

Online gaming websites catering to folk in the UK can be held to pay General Betting Duty (GBD), Pool Betting Duty (PBD), or Remote Gaming Duty (RGD), or a combination of these taxes. Suppliers providing remote gambling to UK players, who currently reside outside the UK, will now be liable to pay either one of the duties levied.

While those gaming service providers who are based out of the UK and provide services to players who aren’t residents of the UK will not be held accountable to pay taxes levied on exchanges made with those particular players.

The current world of remote operators

The changes bring into effect charges placed on bookmarker’s profits earned on any and all UK citizens, regardless of their current location or place of residence. The RGD charged will apply to all remote operators who earn profits on people from the UK.

HMRC will adopt an online system to allow remote operators the convenience of registering their taxes and filing their returns. In addition, HMRC will also look to issue physical forms to register and file returns, provided the operator does not hold an existing ROL from the UK Gambling Commission.

Each and every UK citizen in the registered players account will have to be declared by remote operators. Events and exchanges surrounding pool wagers placed on horse and dog races will continue to be charged by previous GBD. However, methods of calculating profits earned from non-UK customers will be put into place instead.

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Baccarat History in France and Italy

When you look at baccarat for the first time, you might wonder how such a simple game can cause people to bet such huge amounts of money. Baccarat might seem basic to a novice eye, but there are plenty of unique charms to this wonderful casino game. In fact, baccarat has a rich history that spans six or seven centuries.


Every casino game is unique not only in how it is played, but in how it came to be. Baccarat is no different in that respect. If someone wants to truly master this game, they need to understand and respect the history. Anyone who dares call himself a professional baccarat player will be able to tell you who invented the game, when it became popular, and how it came to the United States and other countries.

Starting Point –

It is often debated whether baccarat originated in France or Italy. The historians will tell you that this game has some serious Italian origins. In fact, it is said that Felix Falguerein was the man responsible for creating baccarat. Why then do people insist the game has French origins? Simple. Baccarat only became a popular game among the upper classes when it was discovered and adopted by the court of Charles the Eighth. This is where the game flourished, developed and adapted.

The early days of baccarat in Italy were very simple. The game was played not with regular gaming cards but through tarot cards. This was a game that only the very rich and famous played, which is why it never gained mainstream popularity. If you ask 10 Italians about card games, they will mention poker or blackjack. Only one will have fond memories of playing baccarat.

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