Retired Nurse Wins Her First Jackpots Bingo at 73

Jean Murdoch, a retired nurse in United Kingdom could not believe her luck when she won the first bumper bingo of her life amounting to £ 221,000. She guessed it was her day and went on to try her luck at a slot machine which gave her an additional £300 in winnings. When informed that she had won the bumper bingo, Jean Murdoch was a little puzzled as when her lucky number came on she believed that her winning were £100. When she went on to claim her claim her prize after 40 numbers she was informed that since she had a “lucky star” she had also won the national jackpot which is linked to all bingo branches around the nation.

Details of the win

Jean MurdochJean Murdoch is a delighted grandmother who is still trying to come to grips with her lucky draw is planning to splurge on a new car with her prize. She was handed the prize cheque in a grand ceremony at the Mecca bingo hall located in Ayr. After scooping her cheque she moved to a fruit slot machine that added to her joy by giving her an additional £ 300 that made her day. Along with her recent win Jean Murdoch has won new titles like “Golden Granny” and “Scotland’s luckiest gambler” which is making her friends feels proud and happy for her.

About National Bingo Game

The national bingo which was won by Jean Murdoch is a multiple game operated by Britain’s National Bingo Game Association from the time it was established in 1986. It was set up after internet technology enabled a game control to connect with bingo clubs across the nation via modem. This control center will send out a list of numbers within a particular time slot to the clubs and they will send out the winner details to control room for them to decide national and regional level winners.

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