Baccarat History in France and Italy

When you look at baccarat for the first time, you might wonder how such a simple game can cause people to bet such huge amounts of money. Baccarat might seem basic to a novice eye, but there are plenty of unique charms to this wonderful casino game. In fact, baccarat has a rich history that spans six or seven centuries.


Every casino game is unique not only in how it is played, but in how it came to be. Baccarat is no different in that respect. If someone wants to truly master this game, they need to understand and respect the history. Anyone who dares call himself a professional baccarat player will be able to tell you who invented the game, when it became popular, and how it came to the United States and other countries.

Starting Point –

It is often debated whether baccarat originated in France or Italy. The historians will tell you that this game has some serious Italian origins. In fact, it is said that Felix Falguerein was the man responsible for creating baccarat. Why then do people insist the game has French origins? Simple. Baccarat only became a popular game among the upper classes when it was discovered and adopted by the court of Charles the Eighth. This is where the game flourished, developed and adapted.

The early days of baccarat in Italy were very simple. The game was played not with regular gaming cards but through tarot cards. This was a game that only the very rich and famous played, which is why it never gained mainstream popularity. If you ask 10 Italians about card games, they will mention poker or blackjack. Only one will have fond memories of playing baccarat.

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